Hello! Welcome to Just About Being!

So who is behind this blog, you ask?

I am an online freelancer for 7 years and counting. I have worked in the BPO industry for more than 3 years but eventually decided to go full time with freelancing. At first, I thought I wanted to grow a career in the BPO industry but eventually realized the BPO industry is not for me. I wanted to have more time for myself and I wanted to go to places. So I quit my job and went full time in freelancing.

I have made several blogs before, mostly lifestyle blogs and a photoblog but I never bought a domain name for those blogs. I was able to go to different places in the country but I haven't blogged about them. What a bummer!

Browsing through social media and the internet and seeing successful lifestyle bloggers encouraged me to take blogging seriously. So I took my laptop and made a list of possible names.

I named my blog Just About Being, which came from my initials. That's right, my name is JAB, Josie Ann Bandalan and I'm glad to meet you here. I hope you enjoy joining me in my adventures of being a freelancer, a traveler, and a dreamer.

See you around!


  1. Hi Josie. Your blog is genuine and you are real and transparent. I like what I've seen and read. I plan to launch into a future of freelance blogging & researching and have traveled a lot. I plan to continue traveling and take my work with me in future. Thanks for the inspiration. See you online

    1. Hi Pete! Thanks for the wonderful words. It inspires me to continue blogging. I wish you all the best with your new blog and yeah, see you online. :)


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