Thursday, August 22, 2019

AO farm is an agri-tourism farm just a few minutes away from the busy streets of Cebu City. It's a perfect place to get a quick break and commune with nature. It is also a perfect place to enjoy the beauty  of the sunset.

Aside from its picturesque landscape, the farm also offers some activities for everyone to enjoy. The playground will let the kids put down their electronic gadgets and enjoy the outdoors. There is also a place for tents and bonfire. A room is also available for overnight stay.

Activities you can enjoy at AO Farm

 The farm's small canteen also sells snacks and some fresh harvests at an affordable price.

How to go to AO farm:

The farm is located in Brgy. Toong, Cebu City, a 30-minute motorcycle ride away from Brgy. Punta Princessa.
  1. Take a jeepneys going to Punta Princess. Theese jeepneys are marked with "12" (12D, 12G, 12I). Get off the jeep infront of Mercury Drugstore, Punta Princessa. The fare ranges from 8-12 php.
  2. Take a habal-habal (motorcycle) going to AO Farm. You will find several habal-habal waiting for passengers there. Just tell the driver you are going to AO Farm. The whole ride costs 60 pesos and can take up to 3 passengers. You will share the whole cost.
  3. The entrance fee is 50 per head and you will be able to enjoy the place until closing time. AO Farm is open from 7AM - 7 PM everyday.

Tips in Going to AO Farm.

  •  The farm is on the mountain and the road going there is steep. It may seem a little scary to some. Just trust the driver.
  • AO Farm is on a mountain. So wear something comfortable. I recommend wearing sneakers or hiking sandals. I wore a  doll shoes when I went there and it was a little uncomfortable. 
  • Bring water to rehydrate but if you forget to bring water, the canteen also sells bottled water at a fair price.
  • Prepare to climb a really long flight of stairs

Have fun!


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