Monday, March 25, 2019

To kick off the beach-and-summer-feels, of the dry season, we decided to go to Orongan Beach Resort in San Remigio, Cebu. Since I have a class on Saturdays, we decided to go on a Sunday and booked a room few days before our trip.
Entering Orongan Beach Resort

Orongan Beach Resort is a family owned resort, highly known for the beautiful, clear water, white sand beach, affordable rates and the beach camping experience. Many would set up tents during Saturay night. We arrived early Sunday morning, and the resort is packed with tents and campers. However, during the night it looked like we were the only ones that spent the night.

Enjoying the San Remigio sunset
The Information center of the resort also serves as their mini kitchen. We did not have any food when we arrived. We just bought a kilo and a half of pork and 1 kilo of rice on the resort and had them cooked for a fee.

We spent the day, exploring the shores of Anapog, San Remigio and swimming. The view of the sunset was also breathtaking. People even gathered to take photos of the sunset.

Orongan Beach Resort Rates:

  • Day Use (7AM - 6PM) - P50.00/pax
  • Extension Hour  - P10/pax
  • Overnight Fee - P100.00/pax

Tent Rental:

  • Small - P100.00
  • Medium - P200.00
  • Large - P300.00
  • XLarge - P400.00


Fan Room with Private CR - P2,000.00, good for 2
Fan Room with Common CR - P1500.00 good for 2

We booked the room with private CR. It's more of a beach cabin and with a mini fridge, water heater and mugs for your coffee. It has a full bed and a sofa bed. It also included 2 electric fan available for use. The CR is also spacious enough. This was good enough for the three of us.

How to Get to Orongan Beach Resort from Cebu City.

  • From Cebu North Bus Terminal, take a bus going to San Remigio and inform the bus conductor that you will get off at San Remigio Public Market. The fair is P163.00 for the Airconditioned bus (Ceres Liner)
  • From San Remigio Public Market - take a tricycle to Anapog. Just inform the driver you are going to Orongan Beach Resort. The driver asked P50.00 fair from the each of us.  

Other Tips:

  •  Buy food first from the Public Market before going to Orongan. The resort is far from the market and the trasportation is a bit of a challenge. If not, you will have to deal with the pricey food or what's available at the resort.
  • If you don't have your own car. Maybe you can ask the tricycle driver to fetch you at an agreed time. We did not do this and we checked out early in the morning as we wanted to catch the first bus going back to Cebu City. We had to walk for about an hr as we could not find a tricycle. 
  • If you have a car, there is a huge car park available in the resort
  • There is no WiFi in the resort, so if you are a freelancer, bring your own pocket wifi. We also noticed that although both Smart and Globe has 4G signal available in the area. Smart has better coverage.
  • Contact Orongan Beach Resort through their Facebook page to book a room and for more information about the resort.


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