Friday, April 20, 2018

at Belo Beach, Olanggo Island, Cebu

Just 3.1 miles east of Mactan, Cebu is Olanggo Island, well known for its Wildlife Sanctuary and snorkeling sites. Many would go there not just for swimming or snorkeling but also for bird watching or bird photography as well as sunset photography. Migratory birds from Sibera, Northern China and Japan would flock the island as they seek refuge away from the cold winter Climate of these countries.

However, we did not go there for the birds as it wasn't the migratory season. We went there for the beach and for some quality time with friends. Lucky that my friend April was able to book us a budget friendly accomodation. So we packed our bags and met at Punta Engaño pier.

Going to Olanggo Island

Punta Engaño pier we paid 5php terminal fee and 15php for the boat ride. It took us around 20 minutes to reach the island. Then, we took a tricycle at an agreed fare to our accomodation. 

Belo Beach

Belo Beach, is a family owned resort located in Brgy. Talima, Olanggo. They have one available room for guest accomodation and we were lucky to have booked it. The resort was just far as exepcted though, and the road was a bit of a struggle but we managed to enjoy it. The resort is still being developed and when we got there, we had the place for ourselves. 

The owners were very accomodating. We call them Nanay and Tatay (Mother and Father). They made sure we were comfortable and assisted us with any of our request. When we needed something, their sons would immediately take their motorcycle and buy the things or food we needed. When we asked for fresh fish for grilling, their sons bought them and Nanay and Tatay happily grilled it for us even without asking them too. We left the place so grateful for their hospitality.

Aside from snorkeling and swimming, you can also enjoy a relaxing view of the ocean in the morning. You can actually see boats lined up in the sea as they bring tourists for diving and island hopping. Naynay and Tatay also let us borrow their snorkeling gears. However, place doesn't have a shoreline,  so we had to go to another beach for swimming during our first day. We went back to Belo Beach in the evening and spent the night with some drinks. It was a blast!

Room Rate - P1,600.00 (airconditioned)

Shalala Beach

Since my friends wanted to go to a resort with a shoreline, we hoped on a tricycle that took us to Shalala Beach. The property was just ordinary and great for a "barkada" getaway on a budget. There are several cottages, a volleyball area and rooms for overnight stay. The entrance fee was only P20.00 each.

The property is situated on the edge of an inlet, facing the Cumungi Island. The water there was too shallow and on a low tide you can actually cross over to Cumungi Island by foot. The current goes towards the open sea, so using our floatie wasn't a good a idea.

We spent the afternoon for some picture taking, a little swimming, slight drinking and a bunch of bonding. As the sun went down, we went back to Belo Beach to continue the fun.

Shalala Beach Rates:
Walk-in Entrance Fee - P20.00 per head

Cottages (Good for 10)
Day Use - P400.00
Night use - P600.00
Excess - P20.00 per head

Rooms (Good for 2)
Airconditioned Room - P1,50.00
Fan Room - P1,200
Excess - P100.00 per head

Tent  - P300.00
Picnic Table (with chairs and umbrella) - P250.00, good for 5

You can contact Belo Beach and Shalala Beach through their facebook pages.


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