Thursday, April 18, 2019

After a day of swimming at Cancua-ay Private Beach Resort, we decided to have a quick visit to the famous heritage site in Oslob, the Cuartel.

Cuartel is a Spanish word that means military barracks. This unfinished coral stone structure was built in 1960 to serve as military barracks for the Spanish armies. However, the construction had to stop as the Spanish regime ended. This building was never finished.

Historical Site

The Cuartel is situated at the end of the oldest street of Oslob, Calle Aragones. Calle Aragones was built in 1879 and was named after the first Oslob parish priest, Fr. Jose Aragones. Beside it is the Church of the Immaculate Conception. This coral stone church was built in 1830, was finished 18 years later and has withstood through time. Outside of the church, along the coastline is the ruins of the Baluarte, one of the 7 watchtowers built along the coastline of Oslob. You can also find Museo Oslob beside Cuartel. Admission to the museum is free but picture taking is not allowed.

How to get to the Cuartel of Oslob

The cuartel can easily be located. We took a bus from Cancua-ay to Oslob proper and got off at the corner of Aragones St and N. Bacalso Ave. It's just 1 block away from the 7-11 convenience store.  Then, we just walked 2 blocks away until we found the old coral stone structure. Click here to know how to get to Oslob.

If you have more time, I suggest you explore the area and not just the Cuartel. This location here has a lot to offer. It will bring you back to the Spanish era.

Monday, April 15, 2019

My friends and I were just video calling at midnight when we suddenly agreed to go to Oslob. So I slept for about an hr after the call, woke up at 2:45am, hastily packed my bag then head on to Cebu South Bus terminal to meet my friends Jomvi and Eking.

We went to Oslob Public Market upon arriving in Oslob and bought food to bring to the beach. We bought, a kilo of lechon for P450.00 and a kilo of Mangoes for P120.00. We also bought some cooked rice from the carenderia and water and softdrinks from 7-11. We headed to Cancuaay Beach Resort when we had everything we needed.

Cancuaay Beach Resort is a family-owned resort in Tanawan, Oslob. It boasts its blue, clear water beach and rock formations. The resort is also affordable and the staff which are just family members, are also very accommodating.

We arrived at the resort at around 7:30 in the morning. Although cottages are free, we were just assigned to a table since we were just a small group. We immediately set up our table, ate our breakfast and carried on with our trip.

Cancua-ay Beach Resort Rates

Entrance Fee and day use:
Adult - P120.00
Kids (10 y.o. and younger) - P50
Infants - Free

Overnight Stay

Tent - P450.00/pax but if you bring your own tent it will be P300.00/pax
Room - P2,500.00, good for 2, with free breakfast.

How to get to Cancua-ay Beach Resort from Cebu City.

From Cebu North Bus Terminal, take a bus going to Oslob. The fare is P200.00 (airconditioned bus). Travel time may take 3-4 hours. We left Cebu at around 4 AM and arrived in Oslob at around 7:30AM

Get off the bus near the Public Market so you can still buy food and other essentials.The Resort is far from downtown, so it's best to buy all the things you need first.

From the market, take a jeep going to Tanawan, Oslob. The fair is P10.00. Just tell the driver you are getting off at Cancua-ay Beach.

Other Information and tips:

You have to go through a long stairway from the road to the beach. Going done is easy but going back up is a different story. My friend and I had to stop half way up, to catch our breath.

The water is not calm. Contrary to how it may seem on social media, the water is wavy.

The sand isn't powdery so if you have a sensitive feet, you may need to wear your flipflops at all time.

There is no wifi but you can use your mobile data if you need to work or update your social media. Globe has 4G data coverage.

Contact: Villa Modern Deluxe to book a room.

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