Monday, March 11, 2019

Last week I logged in to my Upwork account and immediately noticed a banner notification of  a new Upwork feature. As part of Upwork's effort in keeping the platform secure and fraud-free they are adding a new identification badge for those who haved passed the 2 verification process. The first is through submitting a government-issued ID, which I have done years ago and the video verification call.

I finally got the chance to do this today.

How to get verified via the Upwork Video Verification proces?

The process is just pretty simple. I just clicked on the Get Started Link which opened the upwork support chat box. I waited for a short while for a support to be available to assist me. Then the support agent asked me to click on a link for the video call.

She then asked me a couple pretty basic profile questions. She asked me my name and my email. That's it. After a minute from the call, I got my Verified Badge.

upwork verified identification badge

I think they are currently prioritizing the top rated freelancers but I'm sure this will be rolled out to every one to avoid fraud.

* Make sure you have a working web cam. The important thing in this process is that they can see you.
* You may get asked other profile verification questions like your mailiing address.

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