Friday, March 8, 2019

Badian Wellness Resort is a world class resort hotel situated in  Zaragosa Island, Badian. It is known as an eco-friendly resort that offers perfect relaxation and beauty treatments. It's a perfect place to get away from stress and the City noise.

Badian is a small town just right next to Moalboal. After a day of snorkeling and fun in Moalboal, we took a tricycle that took us directly to the Badian Wellness Resort port. The resort-owned speedboat took us to the island.

Upon arriving, we were each greeted by a resort staff with plumeria lei and a hawaiian drink.

David Cinco, the manager, who also happened to be our classmate and friend (lucky us!) took us on a tour to the resort.

First we went to the swimming area.
to the swimming area
you can relax on this hammock or even send a quick email while on it

 Then, we went to their organic garden where they grow their own herbs and food ingredients. They would even teach guests on how they can grow their own garden.

David also showed us this plant that was planted by honeymooners. Yes, the resort lets honeymooners plant their own tree as symbol of their growing love.

 We also got to view their suites. They were all spacious and elegant. I love the native and wooden interior design adorned with shells and flowers. They were all soothing and romantic. All of them has their own roomy hammock to relax with your loved ones while stargazing or just enjoying the view. The Thalasso Pool Villa has it's own private pool with ionized seawater. You can take a relaxing dip while enjoying an awesome view of the Badian Bay.

private pool of Thalasso Pool Villa

 Lastly, David let us take a quick view of the spa.

We were so amazed with the beauty and serenity of the resort. It's just so unfortunate that I wasn't able to take a lot of photos since my phone fell into the sea in Moalboal and my camera's battery died. It was already getting dark and we had to leave. Highly recommend Badian Island Wellness Resort.

Click here for more info of Badian Wellness Resort.


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