Thursday, February 28, 2019

front view of our room in Basdaku Beach, Moalboal
Moalboal is a town in the south of Cebu. It is known for its recreational diving spots and white sand beaches as well as island hopping tours and snorkeling.

We arrived in the town at around 6PM. We had dinner in Mcdonalds and then went to the grocery to buy some essentials, food and drinks. We then took a tricycle that took us to the beach to find a decent place to stay.

When we were able to settle down. We went to the shore, laid a mat and started our first activity. Our friend Jessa introduced us to a drinking game, using a suit of playing cards. If you lose, you get to drink a shot of tequila. It was fun, but we were not able to finish the bottle. We were to excited to take a dip.

We went swimming under the moonlight and talked about our lives and got to know each other more. We eventually got tired and went back to our room. David, Jessa, and Joey continued playing cards while Suzette and I had to finish some work online.

Day 2.
On the next day, we woke up at around 6. The sun was already rising. We had Puto-maya and sikwati (rice cake and hot cocoa) for breakfast. Then, we got ready for Island hopping.

We took the same tricycle that we had the other night. The driver took us to the tourism office, for registration and orientation. It's a required step before going to the islands. It is important to know and understand where you are going and what are the things you can and cannot do. We then paid a fee for 100 php for each. This ordinance was implemented to protect the corals and the marine habitat.

Pescador island
Our first stop was Pescador Island. The name was derived from the Spanish term Pescador, which means fisherman. The Island is well known for its underwater garden, an abundance of marine life and coral reefs. It's a perfect spot for diving and snorkeling.

Sardine Run
We have learned from the orientation that the sardines by nature are only come out during the rainy season. However, in Moalboal, they are present whole year round. You can swim with the millions of fishes enjoy the Moalboal sardine run along Panagsama beach.

Turtle Point
The last stop was the turtle sanctuary of Moalboal. We got to enjoy the sea turtle watching and swimming with them.

It has been an awesome experience from all of us.

How to get to Moalboal:
1. Take a bus from from Cebu South Bus terminal going to Moalboal. The fare is around 150php and the ride may take around 3-4 hours.
2. When in Moalboal you can take a tricycle and tell the driver to drop you off to your hotel or resort. If you have not booked a room yet, you can also ask the driver to guide you where you can stay.

Booking an island hopping tour is also easy. Most resorts in Moalboal has their own boat or can contact other boat owners for the tour.

Where to stay
There are many available cottages and rooms along the shore. The room rates ranging from 500-5,000. Basdaku beach is perfect for barkada getaway, swimming and snorkeling while Panagsama beach is where divers prefer to stay.

  • Don't forget to protect your cellphone with waterproof cases and be careful with using a selfie stick on while on the boat. I had my phone on my selfie stick when I asked our island hopping guide to take a photo of us while swimming. He didn't know how to unlock my phone so he handed it to me. It slipped off and then fell to the water. Our guide immediately got it, but I was unable to revive my phone.
  • Don't forget to secure your slippers inside your room. Our friend forgot his and the next day, he lost them. We suspect that it float into the water as the tide went high during the night.
Those were lessons we learned, I hope you also learn from our mishaps.


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