Sunday, October 7, 2018

Wasn't able to make to the 1:45 PM trip of 2Go Supercat to Cebu. I arrived a little too late. I did not realize the ticketing office cut off issuing of tickets 10 minutes before the departure time.

So what a freelancer do when she gets stuck in a city away from home? 

She finds the most convenient place to work. Luckily, I know just the right person to ask for a recommendation in Ormoc. I asked Nikka of Discover Ormoc City for a coffee shop recommendation to pass the time with and to work and she recommended Bo's Coffee in Rizal St.

I don't know where Rizal St. is but I took a tricycle and told the driver I'm going to Bo's coffee. The fare is only 7 php.  Going around Ormoc City is very easy with tricycle as main transportation. 

Bo's Coffee
Bo's Coffee Ormoc Menu Board
Bo's Coffee Ormoc Menu Board

Bo's coffee is a Filipino coffee house chain owned by a Cebuano. It started in Cebu and now has grown to have around 91 outlets all over the Philippines.  They have a variety of beverages, snacks and breakfast meals.

Bo's Coffee Bean Sources and its Flavor
I love that their coffees are homegrown. The company aim to highlight Philippine grown coffee and support local coffee farmers.

Sagada - Sweet, nutty, and well-balanced, with hints of chocolate and fresh tobacco.

Benguet - Well-balanced, with herbal notes and a winey taste.

Mt. Kitanglad - Light and Nutty

Mt. Apo -  Sweet and earthy

Mt. Matumtum - Berrylike and spicy, with notes of cardamom and camphor

Bo's Coffee Ormoc Situation
On my way there, I expected that it will be packed with students but I was wrong. There were only a few people when I arrive. I guess that's the good thing about having limited internet, people don't overstay. Bo's coffee Ormoc only allow up to 1 hr of internet usage while other outlets allow up to 2. The trick here is to ask for another network key once you have used up yours. Of course, don't abuse it. It's still a coffee shop and not a free internet hub.

Anyway, their internet connection is fast. I was able to work while I ate my tuna sandwich and sip my Caramelo Froccino. The Barista and Staff are also polite and friendly. It's a good thing I went there.


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