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Everywhere I go, especially when I'm traveling I always slip a small bottle of sunflower oil in my bag. I like organic products, especially when it's something I apply to my skin. I would choose an organic product over an item that contains a lot of chemicals that I don't understand. When I'm in the grocery buying toiletries, you will find me checking the ingredients before buying.

 I have also scoured the internet for some organic soaps and moisturizers, like those from Venus and Mars, Cyleina Organics, Mediherbs and Human Heart Nature. I have a dry skin type, and I have bought bottles of Emu oil, rosehip oil, sunflower oil and tubs of unrefined shea butter. It's the sunflower oil I love the most because it's not as pricey as the rest of those oils I've mentioned but it serves its purpose. Like my lip balm, sunflower oil has become a staple to me.

What is sunflower oil?

Sunflower oil is a nonvolatile oil pressed from sunflower (scientific name: Helianthus annuus) seeds.  It is usually used in food preparation and cosmetic formulation.

Benefits of sunflower oil

1.  Hair and Skin moisturizer
Sunflower oil is a natural emollient which helps the skin retain moisture. It can be directly applied all over the body including the hair. It does not clog pores which makes it safe to apply to the face too. It is loaded with vitamin E and fatty acids that helps in nourishing skin and prevent acne.

2. It helps lighten dark spots.
I'm usually sleep deprived which is obvious with my dark circles. This is especially true when I'm traveling. So, I apply a very small amount to my eyes before and after I sleep. The vitamin and antioxidant properties of sunflower oil help reduce the appearance of dark circles. I also apply sunflower oil to my underarms and bikini areas. These areas are particularly sensitive which needs special attention and sunflower oil helps me with that.

3. Helps reduce inflammation and insect bites
Sometimes when we are out to an outdoor adventure, it is inevitable that we cut ourselves or get insect bites. Sunflower oil helps reduce the inflammation and soothe the pain.
One time while beach camping with my family, my daughter ate a tiny portion of a dried squid. She is allergic to seafood and a few minutes later her mouth started to swell. I applied a small amount of sunflower oil to soothe the pain and help reduce the swelling.

4. Protects against sun damage.
Whenever I go swimming, I would apply sunflower oil to my hair to protect it from sun and saltwater damage. Sunflower oil is a natural sunscreen.

5. Soothes and helps heal sunburn
Though I'm not a swimmer, I still love going to the beach, enjoying the waves, the sun, and the sands. It's not uncommon for me to get sunburned every time. So to soothe the pain, I apply sunflower oil. It's so useful not just for me but also to friends who get sunburned from the trip.

6. An organic anti-dandruff
When I started dying my hair, I developed dandruff in my scalp. I didn't care enough because it is also natural to develop dandruff when you dye your hair but when my friends started to notice it, I began to feel conscious about it. So I religiously applied a drop of sunflower oil to my dandruff and in a few weeks, my scalp cleared.

7. Natural lip balm
Lip balm is a staple to me too, I have different lip balm in my room, in my wallet and even in my bag but there are times that I forget to bring one so I apply sunflower oil to my lips, instead. It moisturizes the lips and helps heal cracked lips.

8. Organic makeup remover
I particularly use it to remove my eye make up. It removes my eyeliner and mascara without a hassle and it moisturizes my eye area too. It works in two ways.

These are just a few benefits of sunflower oil. Reasons why I bring sunflower oil everywhere and recommends sunflower oil to everyone.

If you have your reasons why you love sunflower oil or want to add something to the list, please write it in the comments below. I would like to read your reasons too.

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