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The Philippines is known for its beautiful and serene white sand beaches, little do people know that the Philippines also has hidden pink paradises. You've probably heard of the pink-tinted beach of Sta. Cruz Island, Zamboanga. You probably also thought that it's the only pink sand beach in the country.

There are actually other fascinating pink beaches in the country, there is Sila Island in Northern Samar, Tikling Island and Subic Beach, Calintaan Island in Sorsogon and Pundaguitan Beach in Davao Oriental. Maybe there are more that are still undiscovered. So when I learned that Samar has a pink beach, I immediately planned to travel and bought a tent to shelter us for an overnight stay on the Island.

The blushing pink sand of Sila Island is caused by red corals and shells, pulverized by waves and got mixed with the white sand. The pink sand is highly noticeable on a hot sunny day, so the best time to visit the island is in April or May.
My red hair on the sands of Sila Island

Our habal-habal driver in Capul helped us arrange for a boat trip from Capul to Sila Island. He went to our hotel at around 9 AM and took us to Kuya Kasing, the boatman.

The sea was really peaceful that morning and I was excited. It was around an hour boat trip from Capul to Sila Island. I was even more excited when I saw the pinkish sand of Sila Island.

The beach is really peaceful. I like that there were not many people there. It's a total opposite of Boracay or other prominent beaches. In fact, there were only 2 groups when we arrived and only us that spent the night there. The caretakers are also friendly and approachable.

How to get to Pink Beach, Sila Island via Capul Island
  1. From Tacloban, Leyte take a Van going to Calbayog. The fare is P220.00 per pax.
  2. From Calbayog, take another van going to Allen, Samar. Tell the driver you will get off at Dapdap Port, Allen. The fare is P100.00 per pax.
  3. Pay the 5 peso terminal fee of Allen port and take the boat that will go to Tarnate or Capul. We went to Capul because the boat to Tarnate wasn't sailing. The boat departs daily at noon. The fare is P100.00 and will be collected once you get off the boat in Capul Island.
  4. From Capul take a special boat that will take you to Pink Beach, Sila Island. Negotiate with the boatman for a boat that best fits your need. A good for 5 boat costs P1,500.00 for 1 way and another 1500 from Pink Beach going back to Capul. You can spend a day and night Capul or just go straight ahead to Pink Beach, Sila Island.
    Our boatman is Kuya Kasing. He took us to Pink Beach from Capul for P1,500.00 and from Pink Beach to Allen for P2500. You can contact him before going to Sila Island at 09127397227.
* There are also flights directly to Catarman or Calbayog. From Catarman or Calbayog, just take a van going to Allen.
* The boat from Capul to Allen, Samar (mainland) departs daily at 7 AM.

Where to stay in Pink Beach, Sila Island

 There is no accommodation there as of the moment but they have an open cottage which is also available overnight. I recommend pitching a tent to get the most out of the beach camping experience.

Tips in going to Pink Beach
  • The best time to go to Pink Beach, Sila Island is in April and May when the sun is hot and the sea is more peaceful. Pink tint is also visible on a sunny day.
  • Bring snorkeling gears
  • There is no store there, so be sure to bring enough food, drinking water, and other necessities. 
  • Bring your trash back to the mainland or ask your boatman to dispose of it. 

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