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Our trip to Capul Island was really unplanned. Our original route to Pink Beach, Samar was San Isidro to San Vicente then to Pink Beach, our plan B was Allen to Tarnate Island, then to Pink Beach. Early on our trip from Tacloban to Samar, when we reached Catbalogan, I received a text from the boatman I contacted that there is no trip from San Isidro to San Vicente that day because of the holiday (we went there on a holy week). Our initial agreement a couple of days before our trip was that he will pick us up from San Vicente to Pink Beach for only P2,000, that also includes picking us up the next day and taking us back to San Vicente. Since the boat going San Vicente was canceled, he is willing to pick us up from San Isidro to San Vicente Island for P7,000 but he also suggested that we just look for another boat in San Isidro that would take us for a cheaper price.
We decided to just go for plan B because 7,000 is way more than our budget. When we got to Allen the boat to Tarnate Island is also not sailing. I was getting frustrated, I have been wanting to go to Pink Beach since last year and last year we also missed the boat from San Isidro to San Vicente, so we went for our Plan B and went to Haven of Fun resort in San Antonio Island. It's a good thing, the locals suggested that we take the boat to Capul, stay there for the night and take a special boat to Pink Beach.

When we got to Capul Island, a habal-habal (motorbike) driver took us to a resort to check in first, before going on a tour.

The driver took us to the historical watchtower of Capul, there is a park in front of it just by the sea with a good view of a wave interference.

The Capul watchtower was still under maintenance when we arrived on the Island. This watchtower used to serve as a guidepost to the Acapulco-Manila galleon trade, passing through San Bernardino Strait. Acapulco is also where Capul got its name. This Island used to be their last stop from Manila to secure provisions before setting out to Acapulco.

Wave Interference - 2 waves meet

 Our next stop was a resort. We wanted to swim but it was almost sundown when we got there. We also would have pitched a tent here if we have known we were allowed to in the first place instead of checking in a hotel.

It was getting dark and it started to rain, so we decided to go back to the hotel. Our habal-habal driver said he would have had taken us to Beto cave if we arrived earlier or if we stay for another day.

It was an amazing experience. Island life is so laid back. We have witnessed pigs, cattle, and poultry just crossing the road. You will see lots of trees and coconuts and even livestock along the way. Everything there was simple. The mode of transportation is just motorcycles, no cars. The breath of fresh air is so relaxing. The only regret I have is not being able to visit the cave and the historical church of Capul, we just passed by it. Its church is surrounded by a fort and is being pushed to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

How to Get to Capul Island.

1. Get to Allen, Samar
From Tacloban take a van of Grandtours that will go to Calbayog, Samar. IT will take 4 hours from Tacloban to Calbayog. It is highly recommended to take the first trip or before 6 AM. The fare is P220.00.
From Calbayog, take another van that will go to Allen, Samar. The trip will take around 1 hr. The fare is P100.00

There is also a direct flight to Catarman, Samar. From the airport, you can just walk a few meters and take a tricycle to the City terminal for only P10.00. It may take around 15 mins.
Then, take a jeepney going to Allen. The fare is only P60.00, travel time is around 1.5 hours.

2.  Go to the port and pay the P5.00 terminal fee.

3. Take the boat that will go to Capul, Island. The boat only sails once a day at 1:00 PM. Be there earlier than 12 PM to make sure you can ride the boat. The fare is only P100.00. The boatman will collect the fare when you arrive at the Island.

4. There are habal-habal when you get to the port, you can just deal with them for a special tour. Our tour cost us P500. Our habal-habal driver, Kuya Jojo, took us to the hotel, then to the watchtower, then to Magluyoan Beach, then back to our hotel. He also fetched us from the hotel the next day and helped us arranged a special boat trip to Pink Beach. You can contact him at 09303225649.

Where to stay in Capul Island
  • Jadil Alpha Hotel was where we stayed. A room for 2 with Air conditioning system and a private CR costs P800, and a room for 2 with only a wall fan and no private CR is P500.00 only.
  • Magloyuan Beach also has accommodations available. You can also pitch a tent there for a small fee.


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