Thursday, March 1, 2018

I really want to go camping by the beach, so my Lazada wishlist and cart is full of camping gears and whatnot. Been looking forward to that day where I can set up my tent and hammock by the beach, create a small bonfire using a portable fire pit, and set up a small camp kitchen. When the night comes, I will just lay on my camping mat and stare at the stars, enjoy the beauty of the night and forget about all my worries and fears. I imagine my self, camping by the beach or lake or river. Oh, how I long for that day to come soon.

That was just my facebook status on Valentine's day 2018. A few days later, I finally decided to buy some of the items on my wishlist. Last Saturday the first batch of my orders got delivered and today, Sofie and I unboxed the items.

I ordered this because I am hoping to start a bonfire by the beach. Since I was a child I have always wanted to experience camping by the beach or lake with a bonfire to give us light and to keep us warm. But as far as I know, white sand beaches here in the Philippines does not allow building bonfires directly to the sand. So I decided to buy a portable firepit. This grill can work as is and hopefully can work as a firepit too.


I got this grill for only 398 php. I like that it's easy to assemble, easy to keep and very portable. The only downside I noticed for now is the edges are kinda sharp if you are not careful you can get cut.

I was just browsing for an insulated lunch box that Sofie can use when I came into this. I realized I can use it to carry food on a camping trip. So I went looking for the best deal of cooler or ice box.


I got this Ice Box for only 599. I think it can fit a few ices and food items like hotdog and meat. it's lightweight too. I don't see any issues so far, I just hope it will serve it's purpose when I use it.

I bought an aquapod last year, I actually like it but after 3 uses, It developed rust on the screw,  I can't unscrew it no matter how hard I try. It was my fault because I never washed it with tap water, the salt water caused the rust. Since I'm on a tight budget I decided to just buy a simple bobber. I learned my lesson now, I will wash off the salt water after I use this from each trip.


I got this bobber for only 142 php. I just love it's color, it's actually the reason I bought this because most of the bobbers available are yellow.

Oh, that SJ Cam? I got that from Lazada too, for a very affordable price. It's like a poor man's go pro but it really does work. I have made music videos using this camera and I used it underwater too. Its photos are not as clear as the go pro though. Go pro is still better. If you're not really that outdoorsy type of person, an SJ Cam would be a practical choice.

This pizza floater has been on my wishlist for almost a year now. I bought a doughnut floater, thinking I ordered a big one. I only learned that it was a kid-size floater when I used it on a beach trip with friends. I didn't read the description, I only looked at the photo. So before I added this to my cart I made sure to check the dimensions.


I got this Pizza floater for only 639 php. It's a great deal compared to other Giant Floater that are worth more than 1000 php. I'm around 5'3" in height and I am the one holding the floater in the picture. It can cover me. I can't wait to pump air on it and lay down on it on the beach.

PS. Sorry for the mess. It's from the unboxing Sofie and I have done. lol
I was just randomly browsing when I saw this. I am an avid Kojie-San user, I use their face toner, soap, body lotion, face cream and even their sunblock. I can attest to the effectivity of their products, after a month of use I started receiving compliments and people were asking what product I use. So when I saw this intrigued, I didn't this Kojie San cream exist. Maybe I should try this since Kojie San was effective to me. This is not a camping gear, but hey, we all want to lose those dark spots when we hit the beach.


I got this cream for 430 php.  The smell is similar to the Kojie San Dream White cream but the consistency seems to be lighter. This is what it says in the box;

Kojie-san Intensive Underarm Lightening Cream is a special formula that contains ingredients known to be safe and effective in lightening underarms. blended with the most stable and potent natural skin whiteners: Kojic Acid, Vitamin C, Bellis perennis Extract. Infused with Collagen, Kojie-san Intensive Underarm Lightening Cream heps improve skin appearance and texture.

This was actually for my father, but I guess I can also borrow it when camping. I already have a lantern though, but I like that it's so handy, I can use this flashlight for an emergency too. This also includes a rechargeable battery.


That's all I received. I still have a backpack, self-inflatable sleeping pad, and self-inflatable pillow that are on their way. I am so excited to receive them and hopefully, we can hit the beach mid march.


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